One is a lonely number!

11 Nov 2023

Oh, yes, Priscilla, why not two!!!

Well...there are some good reasons....

Number One: The excitement of having a companion and therefore all of the exercise, entertainment and interactions that follow. Dogs are social animals. If you could have seen Bosco and Camden running after each other up and down the hill here in Sherman, ME, there would be nothing left to write, for one video is worth a million words! Last year at this time, as I was training Ju-Ju (Jupiter) and Ramona, they were inseparable, which of course makes basic training pretty tricky: they both want to be the star!

Number Two: Their companionship saves time. It is hard to believe, but the 30 minutes to 2 hours of daily of interaction adds up to a lot of time. Put these two furry friends together and you become the activities director and not the gopher (although they love that too!).

Number Three: It eases the separation anxiety certain dogs experience. Some grow out of it and some do not. My sense is that the Poodle in general is very sensitive and develops strong bonds, which can lead to anxiety when the owner is away. And it precludes the mischievous behavior that can arise when a dog is left alone.

Number Four: When you think of how much love one puppy and dog brings a family, why not double it? And of course, the love, fun and companionship increases exponentially since the interactions all multiply as well.

Number Five: It does not cost that much more to house and feed two instead of one.

Let's talk and see how two dogs may be the perfect solution for furry fun for you and/or for your family!