Kennel, Service and Whelping Area

The building:

Our state-licensed facility is a 12ft x 36ft temperature controlled building. The outside consists of wood while the inside is lined with gleaming steel sheeting. There are 6 dog doors on each side giving us 12 in total. The floors are waterproof with a drain system which allows for power washing and maintaining spotless walls and floors.

The outside kennels are secured on cement pads with 6-10ft runs and 6-20ft runs. Adjacent is a half acre chain link fenced area where we offer dog houses, kiddie pools, and toys and where we play ball, tug of war, and socialize with the dogs. All our dogs have access to play areas and our inside/outside kennels use dog doors that are advanced-energy star-rated dog doors to keep kennel temperature regulated. All our beautiful puppies and their older mates have 24 hour access to water and are fed twice daily.

Service and whelping area:

Our service area proudly boasts a 50in stainless steel walk-in dog wash station and grooming table. With Northern Maine's prodigious snowfalls, there are facilities set up to allow employees to stay overnight if needed.

In a separate room, mothers can peacefully, calmly (and quietly!) give birth and take care of their puppies.

As the puppies mature, a puppy grow area awaits them for active play. This is after being weaned and before they go to their fur-ever homes.

Maine Kennel License number F1809

Kennel, Service and Whelping Area